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Used Wine Oak Barrel - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Used Wine Barrel
Used Wine BarrelUsed wine barrelUsed Wine BarrelUsed Wine Barrels

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10 to 40$52.00
MSRP: $125.00
Price: $60.00
You Save: $65.00 (52 %)


These used oak wine barrels are from Paso Robles.

Beautiful in their own right with stains and character marks that can stay the way they are or use your imagination to recraft into literally anything.  Like their decorative brethren these old used wine barrels are individually unique with a one-of-kind look.  They’re approximately 3 feet tall and 26 inches wide. These were originally 58-60 gallon wine barrels and come from the California Central Coast.

*This is a pickup only process. You purchase the barrel online and then pick it up within a weeks time.  

We sometimes offer a cash pickup deal where you can pickup 10 barrels or more and pay cash at that time. We offer a discount - ask us!

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Used Half Oak Barrel - LOCAL PICKUP
You Pick It Up - Each of these used half wine barrels are from the California Central Coast - ready to recraft into anything the imagination can dream up ... or not. The wine barrel is about 18" tall & 28" wide and originally a 58-60 gallon wine barrel.

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